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Teach Feelings With Play-Doh

Trying to teach kids when they are not paying attention is the number one issue I see with toddlers on the autism spectrum. I see it in the classroom environment, therapy clinics, and in the home. This is a serious issue, and in most environments parents don't have any control over what's going on. At home, it's a different story. You can overcome attention issues by playing with your kid. Use the kid's inherent motivations and likes to get them engaged in activities where you can target specific skills and language.

If your kid loves Play-Doh, then use these mats to play with your kid. Each mat provides a model for five basic facial expressions. Use the thick mouth and eyebrow lines for targets for rolled pieces of Play-Doh. As you work with the Play-Doh, this is the perfect opportunity to model the language for the feeling.

I'm using these in a program where I am combining these mats with feelings books. At our center activity, I read books about feelings and point out the student working with the same feeling mat. This is a great way to keep 6 three year olds interested in a book!

This package comes with five feelings and one blank face. Each mat comes in boy and girl forms.

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