Working on a dinosaur theme in your classroom or home? Here are variety of prek worksheets, file folder games, and activities to teach basic preschool skills in a fun and engaging way! All activities are linked to my Teachers pay teachers store where every product is a dollar!

Visual Discrimination Activities

Cut, color, and match the dinosaur halves. Package includes five no prep worksheets. Great for working on those visual discrimination skills.

What Is Visual Discrimination?

Visual discrimination helps a child to see subtle differences between objects or pictures and to see if something matches up. This visual perceptual skill can be described as “paying attention to detail”. Many parts of a preschool or kindergarten classroom use visual imagery, including: 1) Reading and writing; 2) Mathematics; 3) Social studies and science; and 4) Social interactions.

How Does Poor Visual Discrimination Affect Kids?

In preschool, children must also use visual discrimination skills to observe the lessons being taught and learn subtle distinctions such as the difference between the letters L and J and the difference between the number 6 and 9. By kindergarten, children are expected to quickly learn the names of all new classmates and new materials. Kindergarten children are also expected to already know the differences between all 26 letters and 10 number symbols. In kindergarten, children are expected to utilize strong visual discrimination skills to observe more complex lessons and demonstrations and then use those observations to replicate a demonstration at their own work station.