I have to admit, I was one of those teachers that counted down to summer.

Now most teachers would commiserate, and parents would probably take offense.  Here’s a little insight from my perspective.  Most teachers don’t count down because they hate your kid, they count down because the school year is a continuous grind.  With each summer break came the hope that next year there would be more resources less administration interference, and the hope of some consistency in school direction from the board.

People who hate teachers will yell about all those breaks the school takes.  These people think we are living it up!  If you could sit in the first staff meeting after a break, what you will hear is a bunch of people who tried to catch their breath, and two people who went skiing.  Nobody sees all the work we do at home.  The planing, the prep work, the data review, and for special ed the mountain of paper work.  All of that work can’t be done during the school day when we are teaching your kids.  It’s also all that unseen work which is why teacher turn over is so huge.  50% of special education teachers quit within 5 years, and that doesn’t take into account a lot of us shift out of the classroom to other positions and don’t necessarily quit the profession for another few years.  75% are out within ten years.  The career is deceptive, it looks like a cake walk with all those breaks, but most people can’t do it.  So if you see a count down on the white board, know that the teacher wants to get away from that principal way more than they way to get away from you and your kid!

Summer Is Coming

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