The first slide in the lesson is for the adult, and it needs to setup a clear objective. For the first lesson we will be targeting the letter m.  Above is the chart that every Speech Language Pathologist I have ever worked with has referenced when discussing initial speech sound development.  The sound corresponding to the letter m is supposed to come in around age two, which is perfect for our needs.

With that in mind the first activity is going to work on building language with initial /m/ sounds.  From this point on I’ll be using the secret pro language for referring to a letter’s sound. Whenever you see a letting in-between two forward slashes we are referencing the letter’s sound.  With a glance to the above speech chart we can see that the letter m is right in the first cluster of sounds.  For my kit I am putting in two specific targets that will tie into the cartoon, printable, and flash game materials.  As you can see from the slide I’ll be hitting monster and milk primarily because that seems like a pretty easy cartoon to make.


This slide is intended to make sure the person delivering instruction follows a consistent framework.  We want the person to target the two primary vocabulary words following the specific speech pattern while modeling when necessary.  The rigid portion of the curriculum is necessary to create consistency for the target areas because consistency is how we communicate to a child with severely limited social, speech, and language skills.  The upside with this curriculum is that older siblings, respite providers, neighbors kid, guys glued to ps4s engage kids in structured play.

This curriculum will not “cure” autism and is not a substitute for a kid’s therapy.  It is a way to provide an environment of structured play.  For kids not receiving any outside supports engaging them in structured play is a great way to work on early development skills that anyone can do.


Slide # 1 – Teaching Objective

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